New single "In the middle of the night" is out 

Isaac Angel has just released his song "In the middle of the night" from the album "Body Moves" with dance remixes featuring Steven Omen.
This release is the very last before his new maxi-single coming in Spring 2014.
It is available to download on iTunes, Amazon, Xbox, e_music, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, Shazam etc.

Isaac is going to produce 2 new songs; one which he wrote and the other by the great producer Jay+Tonic.

Stay tuned...

New songs are coming 

After a long year of retreat and silence, Isaac has decided to go back to the production table and work on new songs.
Currently at early stages of production, the team has new and familiar names...more updates soon.

Body Moves is on US Airways 

 It's a great joy to announce that my song "Body Moves" is added to US Airways's inflight entertainment music collection on their international fleet.
During the months of July & August it will be on all their international flights to Europe, Mexico, Middle East and Hawaii.
It's been included into a compilation of Top40 hits among mega stars like Madonna, Justin Bieber,Flo Rida, Adele etc.

Look for it if you're flying on US Airways soon...

2012 is exciting... 

 Hello to you all,

Most of you have heard and downloaded my latest single "Thrive", even though it's a different style than the dance beats that I usually produce,
I thank all of you and hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did while recording it...

2011 has brought changes to my life; I now work for a global airline making my childhood dream "flying" come true, I also moved to Philadelphia in September.
I am ready for an exciting 2012 and wishing that we all have a great year ahead, with lots of joy and love 2012 will become a great year for the world to celebrate.

I also would like to take this opportunity to announce that I am looking to connect with local song writers, producers etc.
So if you are local to the Philadelphia, NYC area feel free to contact me via my website or facebook / twitter / google+ and we'll discuss ways to collobarte.

Thank you and much love to you all :)

Isaac's new single "THRIVE" is out... 

 Isaac's 7th single "Thrive" (written by Jeb Havens) is released today.
The global distribution will complete in about few weeks, and fans can purchase the song on all digital stores.

It will also include the Karaoke version for Isaac's fans to sing along.

Isaac Angel? There's an app for that 

It's a great joy to announce that Isaac Angel is now an application for all smartphone & tablet users around the world.
A great way to keep up-to-date with Isaac and listen to his music, read his blogs, watch the videos and communicate thru Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

The application is free and can be found on Apple & Android markets, download your copy today

NBC's "The Voice (season 2)" 

Isaac Angel has been invited to audition for becoming a contestant on NBC's new show  "The Voice".
It's a vocal competition series modeled after Holland's top-rated vocal talent discovery show, "The Voice of Holland." Hosted by Carson Daly, the show features four musician coaches: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who will coach only the most talented vocalists.
THE VOICE (Season 2)  

Finally Isaac's music is on PANDORA 

 This is a great joy to announce that PANDORA, a web on-demand radio (available also on iphone,ipad, and android phones) accepted Isaac's music and is a great way to receive great exposure worldwide...

Simply search for "Isaac Angel" by creating a new channel and enjoy the music.
All thumbs up are appreciated 

Thank you.
IAP Records

Isaac is coming with a new sound 

Many of Isaac's fans will find the new mini album "Thrive"  to have a new unique sound that is completely different than what he normally has produced till now.
In this new collection Isaac is going to release songs which are more alternative and romantic.

On Thursday Isaac will work on a new song in Spanish which written by an amazing song writer from Spain.
Stay tuned...

More recordings for THRIVE 

It's a great joy to announce that THRIVE is being remixed by Steve Omen (remixed In the middle of the night) and RUBICON 7.
On Thursday April the 22nd, Isaac is going back to studio to record more vocals both for Thrive and another new song.

This will postpone the release of the single to end of May 2010.
Stay tuned...